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Here are the three awards I have to offer at this time.  I'm quite generous in giving them out. There is just one simple rule to follow:

 Your site MUST be family friendly

and I must like it  ;)

To apply for my award, please send me an email with the URL of your site and tell me which award you would like to have.


Award 1

This award I made for all the Mommies who put
lots of work and love in their family web sites.

Award 2

This award is for all the beautiful sites
that touch my heart.

Sites that received this award:

Award 3

You can't apply for this award.
I know that every page is special and most of them are made with lots of work and love, but a few are even a little more. I give this award to sites which I think are really outstanding.

Sites that won this award:

About Me   ·   My Photographs   ·   My Crafts Page   ·   Please Hug Your Child   ·   Wanda Lucia   ·   Win My Award   ·   Holidays and Celebrations   ·   Ladybug's Garden